Currently there are over 11,000 children
in foster care in Missouri.
Over 2,000 children are waiting for a forever family.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Well, after 3 sick kids(one after the other), double rounds of antibiotic and 1 sick husband...every sheet, blanket etc in my house is clean. The funny thing about being home stranded with sick children, is life slowed down a little and we hung out and my house got a little straightening up. I think the kids even got a little refresher by having to hang out and rest.  I have really enjoyed just being with the family. Everyone has been helpful to each other.  My two year old has been so cute.  He goes around the house looking at pictures and saying "My" Andrew, "My" Grace, "My" Masey, "My" Mommy, "My" Daddy, "My" Livi. It is so cute. As everyone has been feeling better, all the boys, including the 11 month old, decided to attack Dad while he lay in the floor watching TV. The war cry was "wrestle time"! I have the cutest photo of all three sitting on Dad. AND my 15 year old volunteered to get out in the snow to scrape the ice off of the van! My artistic 11 year old made us a wonderful photo valentine card.  I checked, and there was no full moon out, so not sure how to explain the behavior :). I am just thanking God for the peace he has provided this week and the reminder to stop and appreciate each moment.




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