Currently there are over 11,000 children
in foster care in Missouri.
Over 2,000 children are waiting for a forever family.

About Me.....

The Gorman Family Circus

I have been married to my husband Jeff for 20 years. Our family has grown through childbirth, foster care and adoption to include 5 wonderful forever children. I work as a preschool director at a wonderful preschool/Kindergarten. I have a love for children. I am passionate about children, foster care, adoption, Africa, and anything and anyone involved in helping children obtain a loving family. I wish we could have a beach in my home town, because apparently God has no intention of moving our family to one any time soon. The "circus" title was given to our family by our nephew, who, affectionately refers to our family as "The Gorman Family Circus". Please keep in mind he was an only child growing up :). But, somehow, the title fits. We are many times juggling 3 or more "acts" with everyones activities etc. Life is never dull!