Currently there are over 11,000 children
in foster care in Missouri.
Over 2,000 children are waiting for a forever family.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back to School????

I really can't believe it is already mid August!  It has been a crazy summer!! We have grown from 5 children to 6.  Two of our children are now free for adoption.  We have our two oldest attending one school, our oldest son at another, 2 at daycare and one at preschool where I work. We have been rushing around getting everyone's supplies, clothes, schedules etc.  I think I am on auto pilot.  Dealing with our limitations and the stress of getting everyone what they need and where they need to go takes it's toll.  This doesn't mean I regret things.  Just really wishing for a house cleaning fairy or occasional nanny.  I was laughing, we had a meeting for all of our teachers at work and one asked our newest little guy's name.  I laughed and said "never say never".  We had packed up all the baby clothes and supplies thinking we were finished.  Originally this little guy was supposed to go home with "Mom"..  Lack of sleep in your 40's is a little different than in your 20's. :)
Humm, the family calls have to finish these thoughts later..

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