Currently there are over 11,000 children
in foster care in Missouri.
Over 2,000 children are waiting for a forever family.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I want to go hold children and help in whatever way I can....

I want to go to Africa. I want to go to Africa and hold children and help in whatever way I can. Yes, I have 5 children. I am a parent and foster parent. And I get a lot of practice holding and helping children. But, Africa has been in my heart for years. And no matter how impracticle it may seem, I have it in my heart to go. My husband is too sweet. "If you want to go, go ahead, we just need to work out the details." Coming from a man who will be left at home with 5 children, that means a lot. But, he has always been a hands on Dad. For which I am so grateful.  Now on to the details.......$$$, childcare, getting over the feeling that I am abandoning my family(for a few days), and not being able to be here for them. I am just sure it will be so hard for them to make it without me for 2 weeks. So God, what is the perfect plan???? I think Id like the "handwriting on the wall" type response.  At least, I must provide God with some comic relief on many days. In the least, I know He loves me and has the perfect plan ahead. All I need are the directions for one step at a time.

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